Here Vs. There: A Candid Case Study

Here Vs. There: A Candid Case Study The Emotional Impact of Trading Proximity to Family for Full Time In Your Southern Community If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to live in your snowbird community full time, consider this case study of one 

Here Vs. There: The Top Question I Am Asked the Most

Here Vs. There: The Top Question I Am Asked the Most Why Snowbirds Consciously Choose to Live In Two Places Curiosity about the choice to live in two places vs. one primary home are what I am commonly asked when the subject of being a 

What The Golden Bachelor Has in Common with Snowbirds

Lake Kalamazoo , formed as part of the Kalamazoo River connects the twin towns of Saugatuck and Douglas What The Golden Bachelor and Snowbirds Have in Common The Golden Bachelor and Snowbirds Have Another Chance at Finding Love More than 7.7 million viewers to date 

Packing 101: Quick Tips for a Shorter Stay

Plan your travel bags so each person knows exactly how much space they are allotted for clothing, kitchen, bath, office and pet/s. Packing 101 Quick Tips for a Shorter Stay If you’re like me, packing is a pain and a task I have yet to 

Starter Snowbirds: Analysis of Two Pre-Emerging Snowbird Couples

Stinky’s Fish Camp, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida Starter Snowbirds An Analysis of Two Pre-Emerging Snowbird Couples While sitting around a firepit at our neighbor’s end of summer social gathering, the topic of retirement and possibly becoming a snowbird were of interest to two couples who 

Books Connect Snowbirds to Community: Six Favorite Local Gulf Coast Books

I am honored to have two original maps published in “Florida’s Emerald Coast, A Pathway to Paradise” by Robert Reynolds Books Connect Snowbirds to Community Six Favorite Local and Regional Gulf Coast Books At the end of summer when the weather starts changing and there’s 

BeachFront, Ocean Front, Ocean View: What to Know

An example of prime beachfront property, the units are directly accessible to the sand at ground level. Miramar Beach, Northwest Florida. Beachfront, Ocean Front, Ocean View What to Know About the Nuances of Beach Rental Terminology Snowbirds looking for a place with “beachfront” in the 

Cook Like a Pro: The Basics

Beautiful and simple butternut squash pasta with freshly grated parmesan cheese Cook Like a Pro The basics of cooking like a professional chef When it comes to cooking, I’ve found that snowbirds fall into two groups: the non-cooks and the foodies. I consider myself a 

Where to Shop to Furnish Your Vacation Rental

Where to Shop Where to shop to furnish your vacation rental or second home Personally, I’m not a shopper. I’d rather do almost anything else than run to the store for something. Professionally, I’ve become adept at finding everything needed to furnish our vacation rental 

Flying Snowbirds

Cosmo is an international flying snowdog who lives in Germany and has made seven round trips to NW Florida since he was a pup Flying Snowbirds Are you a good candidate to fly to your warm weather destination? Flying snowbirds are a bit of an