Candid Conversations with Snowbirds: An Insider’s Perspective

Candid Conversations with Snowbirds What Snowbirds Are Talking About from an Insider’s Perspective Every snowbird is different, yet there’s many common threads of conversations that all relate to core issues: the overall value and cost of housing, location, friendships/connections, community and appreciation. As a seasoned 

Housing Case Study: Not All That Glitters is Gold

Balancing a great view with cost isn’t an easy decision [Pictured: Maravilla Resort, Miramar Beach, FL, a condo complex with 188 units] Not All That Glitters Is Gold Snowbird Housing Case Study My twist of William Shakespeare’s famous quote, “All that glitters is not gold” 

Snowbird Road Trip Essentials Checklist

Be prepared for planned and unplanned situations such as the loss of cell service in rural areas. Don’t forget to take photos to document the beautiful scenery. Snowbird Checklist: Road Trip Essentials Organize for a Successful Snowbird Road Trip Now that Thanksgiving, the Christmas crush 

How to Pack Your Vehicle

How to Pack Your Vehicle Strategic Organization for a Successful Snowbird Road Trip The first season we became snowbirds, I made a huge mistake. I did not get involved in packing the vehicle, only the stuff that goes in the vehicle. I was naively happy 

Decorate Your Vacation Rental with Hints of the Holidays

Decorate Your Vacation Rental with Hints of the Holidays Ten Tips to Bring the Holiday Feeling to Your Southern Home A year ago, my husband and I spent Thanksgiving at the beach and I loved it! It was that much better because Courtney and Bob, 

Nothing Bad Ever Happens at the Beach

Our first year as snowbirds, we witnessed a raging fire that broke out at AJ’s where we had just departed just seconds earlier Nothing Bad Ever Happens at the Beach  Why Snowbirds and Tourists Should Know and Set Individual Limits For nine years and counting, 

14 Tips to Avoid Rental Scams

Deposits with no recourse, high pressure tactics, pricing and terms too good to be true and no contract are all major red flags 14 Tips to Avoid Rental Scams  With the popularity of online shopping, online scams are also at an all time high. Rental 

Prepare for Power Outages Whether Home or Away

Severe weather events are less problematic with a whole home standby generator PREPARE FOR POWER OUTAGES WHETHER HOME OR AWAY Why a Whole Home Standby Generator System Makes Sense for Snowbirds Snowbirds know a problem with your home while away is very stressful. Not only 

Be the Snowbird Who is Welcome Back

BE THE SNOWBIRD WHO IS WELCOME BACK  How to Be Irresistible to Your Hosts Snowbirds who rent their winter residences are plentiful and there is typically not a shortage of guests who want to stay in a great property, which means it is important to 

Location, Location, Location – Peak vs. Off Peak

Map of The Emerald Coast, Southern Alabama and Northwest Florida LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION  Peak vs. Off Peak Affects the Cost of Housing As snowbirds return home to begin the off-season, much reflection goes into what can be done differently for the next season. Life changes