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Midlife Snowbird Blog

How to Become a Snowbird

I first became a midlife snowbird at the age of "forty-something" after my husband and I set a longtime personal goal to achieve the snowbird life. Since then, envious friends and family have asked how we made it happen and shared their own ambitions to become midlife snowbirds.

As a Midwesterner most of my life, I never thought I'd actually look forward to winter.... until I became a snowbird. It changed my entire outlook and now I welcome winter in anticipation of our beautiful second home in a warm climate.

I don't have close family members who are snowbirds and we don't own a vacation home -- it's just been a long time dream to become a snowbird. I wondered what is it really like? Where could I find the practical "nuts and bolts" information about what to expect? I wanted to know about the ins and outs of the daily snowbird experience and searched for published books and the internet. There wasn't anything that even came close and more than four years later, there still isn't.

In response I created this web site/blog in 2015, which features the knowledge I've gained as a midlife snowbird. It's an online lifestyle documentary featuring my writing, photography and experience with travel, business, entertaining and family/friendships. This blog is devoted to the practical details I was looking for prior to and having now become a seasoned snowbird. It's the information I hoped to find and now share with you.

--Lana Scherer, Creator of Midlife Snowbird