Two Alternate Travel Options To Get to Your Destination

Nashville Tennessee skyline Two Alternate Travel Options How to Get to Your Warm Weather Destination Without Driving Yourself At some point, every snowbird must decide whether to continue driving themselves to their destination. It’s a tough decision snowbirds face for various reasons.¬† As snowbirds age, 

Books Connect Snowbirds to Community: Six Favorite Local Gulf Coast Books

I am honored to have two original maps published in “Florida’s Emerald Coast, A Pathway to Paradise” by Robert Reynolds Books Connect Snowbirds to Community Six Favorite Local and Regional Gulf Coast Books At the end of summer when the weather starts changing and there’s 

BeachFront, Ocean Front, Ocean View: What to Know

An example of prime beachfront property, the units are directly accessible to the sand at ground level. Miramar Beach, Northwest Florida. Beachfront, Ocean Front, Ocean View What to Know About the Nuances of Beach Rental Terminology Snowbirds looking for a place with “beachfront” in the 

Flying Snowbirds

Cosmo is an international flying snowdog who lives in Germany and has made seven round trips to NW Florida since he was a pup Flying Snowbirds Are you a good candidate to fly to your warm weather destination? Flying snowbirds are a bit of an 

Snowbird Road Trip Essentials Checklist

Be prepared for planned and unplanned situations such as the loss of cell service in rural areas. Don’t forget to take photos to document the beautiful scenery. Snowbird Checklist: Road Trip Essentials Organize for a Successful Snowbird Road Trip Now that Thanksgiving, the Christmas crush 

How to Pack Your Vehicle

How to Pack Your Vehicle Strategic Organization for a Successful Snowbird Road Trip The first season we became snowbirds, I made a huge mistake. I did not get involved in packing the vehicle, only the stuff that goes in the vehicle. I was naively happy 

Autumn Tour of Saugatuck on Lake Michigan’s Eastern Coastline

Autumn Tour of Saugatuck on Lake Michigan’s Eastern Coastline A Nostalgic, Romantic, Artsy Waterfront Vacation Destination When my twin sister first announced she was coming home to the Midwest from Hawaii, she invited me to go on a “mini vacation within a vacation.” We have 

30 Tips for Successful Hotel Stays with your Dog

A stunning sunset view from the Quality Inn on the Bay in Gulf Breeze, Florida featuring a convenient on-site restaurant with patio for our dog 30 Tips for Successful Hotel Stays with your Dog Pet friendly hotels are becoming increasingly popular and the internet and 

Walking Tour Ruskin Place Park, Seaside FL

Ruskin Place Park Walking Tour of Ruskin Place Park in Seaside Florida Ruskin Place Park in Seaside Florida, former site of scenes from The Truman Show, filmed in scenic Seaside Artist Colony, Townhomes, Shops, Live Entertainment¬† Ruskin Place park is a wonderful destination for anyone 

Snowbird Destination Trends

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a re-evaluation of metro vs. smaller populations for snowbirds and Zoombirds [Natchez Street, Seaside Florida] Snowbird Destination Trends Considerations for Snowbirds and Zoombirds What are the latest snowbird destination trends? I was recently interviewed for an article, “Boca Raton, Florida,