Housing Case Study: Not All That Glitters is Gold

Balancing a great view with cost isn’t an easy decision [Pictured: Maravilla Resort, Miramar Beach, FL, a condo complex with 188 units] Not All That Glitters Is Gold Snowbird Housing Case Study My twist of William Shakespeare’s famous quote, “All that glitters is not gold” 

Snowbird Road Trip Essentials Checklist

Be prepared for planned and unplanned situations such as the loss of cell service in rural areas. Don’t forget to take photos to document the beautiful scenery. Snowbird Checklist: Road Trip Essentials Organize for a Successful Snowbird Road Trip Now that Thanksgiving, the Christmas crush 

How to Pack Your Vehicle

How to Pack Your Vehicle Strategic Organization for a Successful Snowbird Road Trip The first season we became snowbirds, I made a huge mistake. I did not get involved in packing the vehicle, only the stuff that goes in the vehicle. I was naively happy 

30 Tips for Successful Hotel Stays with your Dog

A stunning sunset view from the Quality Inn on the Bay in Gulf Breeze, Florida featuring a convenient on-site restaurant with patio for our dog 30 Tips for Successful Hotel Stays with your Dog Pet friendly hotels are becoming increasingly popular and the internet and 

75 Common Toxic Plants in your Snowbird Community

Deadly Sago palms are extremely toxic to both humans and pets, yet they are commonly planted right next to busy paths and entry points 75 Common Toxic Plants in Your Snowbird Community Identify the trees, vines, flowers, bushes and plants that could harm your pet 

40 Snowbird Hacks, Tips

Basic everyday household items such as glassware can easily be repurposed in your snowbird home   40 Snowbird Hacks, Tips No one wants to haul a bunch of limited use household items to/from their snowbird home, nor is it practical to purchase everything while away 

Pet Prep Countdown

Ramp training was essential for Bodie to access our vehicle Snowbird Pet Prep As the leaves turn vibrant colors and the weather changes, your pet’s preparations are likely in the advanced stages of completion. Every snowbird season the needs of your pet should be reassessed 

Countdown to Departure

COUNTDOWN TO DEPARTURE 14 Point Checklist prior to heading South On the way home our third season, we decided to change our transportation to a full sized SUV for maximum cargo space and easier accessibility for our large dog ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Many snowbirds retreat to their 

The Off Season

Summer weekend getaway to Chicago along the River Esplanade The Off Season Besides daydreaming about their warm climate home, what do snowbirds do during the off season? Embrace Your Primary Home It’s easy to get swept up in your winter home, after all it’s what 

It’s a Dog’s Life

Dogs Rule in Our Snowbird Community Etiquette for Snowbird Dogs, Owners There‚Äôs no doubt about it, dogs rule in our snowbird community. They are virtually everywhere — on the sidewalk, in vehicles and pet strollers, on the beach and balconies / patios and even the