Cook Like a Pro: The Basics

Beautiful and simple butternut squash pasta with freshly grated parmesan cheese Cook Like a Pro The basics of cooking like a professional chef When it comes to cooking, I’ve found that snowbirds fall into two groups: the non-cooks and the foodies. I consider myself a 

Cooking Class: Four Festive Hors d’oeuvres

The small bite hors d’oeuvres are beautifully presented, everything is more sparkly and has an element of being that much better. Beef tenderloin blue cheese bites Butternut squash crostini with arugula hummus Parmesan crisps with Prosciutto and orange marmalade preserves COOKING CLASS Four Festive Small 

Southern Cuisine: Shrimp and Grits Fest

Southern Cuisine: Shrimp & Grits Festival Destin Shrimp and Grits Fest Inaugural Event As I’ve said before, “The heart and soul of Southern culture that brings everyone together is food. Food is love. Food is tradition. Food is celebrated.” In addition to gumbo, shrimp and 

Southern Cuisine: Gumbo Fest

Southern Cuisine: Sandestin Gumbo Fest Northwest Florida’s Premier Winter Food Event The heart and soul of Southern culture that brings everyone together is food. Food is love. Food is tradition. Food is celebrated. Gumbo is one of the most beloved foods of the Gulf Coast. 

Cooking Class: Five Elegant Hors d’oeuvres

Chef Patrick Whetstone expertly demonstrated elegant hors d’ oeuvres for the community cooking class Thick cut candied bbq rubbed bacon topped with garlic sauteed shrimp and fresh minced chives Beautiful bite sized purple potato salad bites stuffed with mustard aioli, hard boiled egg, bacon bits 

Grill Review: Charbroil® Portable Electric TRU-Infrared™

I was a little skeptical about an electric grill until I tried the food cooked on our CharBroil® TRU-infrared™ grill and now I’m an enthusiast. Electric Infrared Grill Review Grilling meat, fish, vegetables and poultry is a favorite activity of many snowbirds, including my husband. 

100+ Easy, Simple Snowbird Menu Ideas

Flatbread pizza with fresh mozzarella, pesto, garlic infused olive oil and roasted chicken 100+ Snowbird Menu Ideas   Snowbird menu ideas for 100+ easy, simple, go-to breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that are designed to be flexible, using hardworking basic ingredients without requiring special gadgets 

Snowbird Meal Planning

Take inventory of your refrigerator and freezer and focus on using those items up first during the last two to three weeks of your stay Snowbird Meal Planning In the past, I didn’t truly understand what the concept of meal planning entails. I had heard 

Four Classic Holiday Beverages

The beautiful Champagne Poinsettia is lighter, easy to make and perfect for a festive holiday party or brunch Snowbird Style Four Classic Holiday Beverages Snowbird holidays, whether in your Northern or Southern home, are extra special with the following four classic holiday beverages. Nothing says 

Home Vs. Away: Appliances, Gadgets

Snowbird meals are generally much simpler due to necessity from using fewer ingredients and a very limited selection of cooking appliances SNOWBIRD KITCHEN APPLIANCES, GADGETS You’re spending your first week in your snowbird rental and have an incredible list of meals you plan to create