White Chocolate Popcorn

white chocolate popcorn recipe Snowbird Recipe
White chocolate popcorn is perfect for a party or last-minute dessert. It's sweet, salty and buttery, which is almost irresistible

Snowbird Recipe:

White Chocolate Popcorn

Irresistible, Sweet and Salty Snack

A neighbor first brought this sugary, clumpy, buttery, salty snack to a football party we hosted five years ago and it is simply irresistible. I don't make it often because of that. The basic ingredients of my version can be purchased from any convenience store or grocery. Hershey's ® Cookies 'n' Creme candy bar multi-purposes when it melts due to the chocolate/cookie bits in it. The recipe can be easily adapted to your preferences -- if you want, mix it up with plain, peanut, peanut butter or caramel M&M's®. A single batch serves a few people, so make extra for your gatherings, it will go fast!

Snowbird meals tend to be much simpler, using fewer ingredients and a very limited selection of appliances and gadgets to prepare them. Choose the freshest, highest quality ingredients and find alternate ways to make your favorite recipes. Forget about what you don't have to cook with, instead focus on what you can accomplish with what you do have. - Midlife Snowbird


3 oz bag microwave butter popcorn

3 oz Hershey's® Cookies 'n' Creme candy bar

1/2 cup plain M&M® milk chocolate candy

1/4 cup unsalted peanuts

1/4 t. kosher salt



Pop the microwavable popcorn per the package directions. Set popcorn aside in a large bowl.

Melt the candy bar in a bowl in the microwave until softened, but do not overcook it

Gently pour the melted chocolate into the popcorn bowl, blending with a spoon until distributed evenly

Stir in the M&M's® and peanuts

Spread the mixture into a layer on an ungreased baking sheet. It should be clumpy and the layer should not be spread too thin.

Sprinkle evenly with kosher salt

Allow chocolate to harden, which takes about an hour

Serve in a bowl at room temperature

Store in an airtight container

Suggested brands:

M&M's® milk chocolate candy

Hershey's® Cookies 'n' Creme candy bar/s



6 cups


Serving Suggestions:

--Serve as a snack or dessert

--Suitable for guests

Equipment List:

--microwave oven

--measuring utensils


--baking sheet

--large and small glass or ceramic mixing bowls

--medium serving bowl





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