Best of: Snowbird Comfort Food, Seafood Recipes

Best of Snowbird Entrees, Seafood and Comfort Food

Our signature steak cheeseburgers are seasoned with Ranch, grilled on infrared heat at 400 degrees and served on toasted bakery buns

Entrees, Mains, Seafood, Comfort Food

A collection of my best comfort food, seafood and main entree recipes for everyday meals or entertaining guests. Many are meatless or could be adapted to be meatless.  

Best homemade mac and cheese, this go-to recipe is great for snowbirds who want to serve comfort food that is a little extra special
Just a few ingredients are required: fresh steamed broccoli, sauteed baby bellas, grated parmesan cheese and thin buttery egg noodles
Baked cheesy deli sliders are a favorite comfort food that can easily be prepared in advance
Create your own pizza with prosciutto ham and ricotta cheese
Try a traditional Scottish comfort food entree of mashed potatoes and turnips, served with whiskey gravy. The crumbled sausage emulates haggis
Popovers are a delicious, simple comfort food suitable for serving to guests
I love this quiche recipe because it always tastes fantastic and is easy to put together. Shown: imitation crab, diced celery and cheddar cheese
Perfectly cooked restaurant quality salmon fillet with seasoned crust and chive herb sauce
Mahi Mahi en papillote is a fun, fresh French technique to wow your guests. Shown with fresh lemon, mangoes and scallions
My version of the classic recipe published in "The New York Times" that launched the beloved Southern cuisine into a national passion
Fresh grilled coastal Amberjack seafood recipe with mango salsa
In my opinion, gumbo is the ultimate Southern comfort food that easily adapts to one's individual preferences
Baked cod with a crust of chopped pecans, parmesan, Panko, and garlic butter

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