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Coastal colors of the Emerald Coast of Florida, our Southern home

Welcome to Midlife Snowbird

Many people dream about escaping the frozen winter for life as a snowbird. And they wonder what it’s really like, how to make it happen, where to go and what to do to prepare for an extended time away from home. This blog is my personal account of my snowbird experience.

I first became a midlife snowbird at the age of "forty-something" after my husband and I set a longtime personal goal to achieve the snowbird life. Since then, envious friends and family want to know how we made it happen and share their own ambitions to become midlife snowbirds.

As a Midwesterner most of my life, I never thought I'd actually look forward to winter.... until I became a snowbird. It changed my entire outlook. Now I welcome winter in anticipation of our beautiful second home in a warm climate.

Iconic Seaside on the gorgeous Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida
Iconic Seaside on the gorgeous Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida

My Story:


I don't have close family members who are snowbirds and we don't own a vacation home. It's just been a long time dream to become a snowbird. I

wondered what is it really like? Where could I find the practical "nuts and bolts" information about what to expect? I wanted to know about the ins and outs of the daily snowbird experience. So I searched for books and information the internet. There wasn't anything that even came close.

In response I created my first blog, Tropical Beach Escape, in 2015 as a travel journal in anticipation of our first snowbird experience. However, during the winter of 2017, I created a fresh blog with a new identity that was broader. Midlife Snowbird showcases my writing, travel experiences, cuisine, recipes and original photography. Midlife Snowbird contains the detailed "how to" personal and lifestyle information I was looking for prior to becoming a midlife snowbird and having now become a seasoned snowbird. It's the information I hoped to find and now share with you. Enjoy!

--Lana K Scherer, Creator of Midlife Snowbird

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